Travelling Fangirl, January 2019

I’m back! On tour ‘with’ Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls. Four shows in three days, which is all kinds of crazy and all kinds of awesome. Less than 14 hours till the first one…

Sleep? Less than five hours! Not the best way to start this adventure, but it is what it is.

Work? Yes, I’ve been to the office for almost a full work day. I’ve tried to not be too distracted by the excitement ahead. I might have failed with that. I’m quite glad that I’ve got colleagues who – if not exactly share my fangirly excitement – are happy for me and listen to me go on and on about Frank on occasion. Like today.

Coffee, Cake & Chocolate? Aplenty. In the morning at home. Starbucks at the airport. Birthday bash with cake at the office in between. Cake and custard as dessert at my lovely hosts Amanda & David.

Distance? I’m too tired to look it up now. 1h drive to the airport. 1h 30 min flight to Manchester. Lots of walking as well, because arrival and tram station are quite a bit apart.

Weirdest moment? When the machine didn’t ‘read’ my passport and immigration officer sort of thoroughly checked my passport photo and asked questions to confirm my date / place of birth. WTF? They let me in though…

Song of the day? The whole Don’t Worry EP, I guess. Nice surprise for Frank centred weekend.

Been More Kind? I’ve tried to be and I hope I can say I’ve mostly managed it.

Level of excitement? Through the roof! Frank Turner is playing to about 100 people at Hat Works tomorrow. (And I know someone on the ‘inside’).

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