03.02.2019 | Feeling Poorly. Being Fangirly.

Sleep | Quite a lot on the Friday night. Not enough on Saturday night. My sore throat and a general feeling of being poorly didn’t let me sleep after 5 am. Not the most relaxing. I got up around 6, put a load of laundry in, made some breakfast and started my lazy day of feeling miserable on my couch. I lay down for a nap in the late morning, which seemed to have helped a bit.

Coffee, Cake & Chocolate | No Cake. Just one cup of coffee in the afternoon and the fact that I went with tea for a 2nd morning in a row should tell you something about my state of health. Probably too much chocolate all day, but I need comfort food when I’m feeling poorly and I try to not feel too guilty about that.

My Peak Challenge | The real challenge is going to start tomorrow, but I’m in no state – physically or mentally – to join with it yet. I looked at the workouts and realized I should start the foundation program all over again. I had started when I got sick after christmas and never picked it up. As you can see I’m not in the right mind set yet. With so many other things too.

Local Greens Budget | We’re just a few actives in the local chapter of the Green Party so a few years ago I ended up with the job of treasurer. A lot of the every day tasks are handled by our office manager, but at the start of each year I have to do the accounting. Webbased and such so it’s easy, but tedious. I’m up till August 2018. I’ve got a few more days to finish it, so I’m not feeling too guilty about not getting it done yet.

TV binging | Chocolate is not the only ‘remedy’ I turn to when I’m feeling poorly. I finished Season 2 of Mrs Maisel this morning and enjoyed it for the most part. The last scene though made me go “Oh Midge, what are you doing? Not again…!”. I gave “The Kominsky Method” a first try and liked it well enough, but for personal reasons I’m really not in the mood right now for stories about old people and potential death and grief stories. I’ll try again in a few weeks. So in the end I came back round to my favourite comfort TV shows, which I can have on while I do other stuff too, like catching up with the material being discussed in planning committee meeting tomorrow evening. Or typing up this post. Or working on my…

Frank Turner Shows Spreadsheet | For a long time I used a selfmade spreadsheet to track which song I had heard live how many times in the past. It wasn’t really making use of all the nerdy statistic features any spreadsheet software actually offers. So I’ve started a new one which in the end might easily give me some neat statistics. Yes I’m a nerdy fangirl sometimes. I used some of the time this weekend filling in ‘x’s in show numbers columns and song lines. Interesting data so far. I’ve still got about 30 more gigs to go though.

Frank Turner #2 | I’ve finally transfered all the photos I took last weekend from the memory cards to my computer and had a look at all of them. I deleted about 80% of them. I guess that’s not uncommon when you shoot in continious mode and end up with sort of a stop motion movie of Frank strumming a chord :-) But I’ve got a few nice ones I think. They’ll need some post work (cropping and sizing and such) before I put them in a gallery for the blog. I’ve put on up as feature photo here to tide you over. It’s from the Hat Works Museum show and I think it’s from the moment when a fan in the front row had to give him queues for the “Mr. Richards” lyrics. Because he before he began with the song he stated that he wasn’t sure if he’d remember them correctly and the fan had used the time to pull the lyrics up on her phone. Or maybe it was from any of the many other moments when Frank was clearly enjoying himself at this small show Friday afternoon.

Work (and Weather) | It looks like there aren’t too many meetings or deadlines on my agenda this week, which means not being 100% fit might not be too much of a hassle. Let’s see how tomorrow morning works out. I stayed in since yesterday afternoon and just now at 11 at night realize I should have covered my car’s front screen some time today. I guess my morning will include five minutes of scrapping ice…

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