12.02.2019 | Some Day…

… Somewhere. Why do I have that song in my mind now? Maybe because I’m exhausted. Probably because I saw “West Side Story” on stage two days ago.

I’ve got a few thoughts I might like to elaborate on in a post. Some day, when I’m not so busy with work that my mind shuts down when I get home. When I’m less exhausted and feel less stressed out. Lots of these thoughts are Frank Turner Fan(dom) related, which probably tells you how unexciting my every day life is.

So, some day soon I hope there will be something about my nerdy “Frank songs I’ve heard live” statistics. Also some thoughts about a crazy nerdy project I might want to tackle, inspired by a tweet about Tom Waits Map, where fans (?) created a Google Map with annotations about every place mentioned in a Tom Waits song. Mmmh ;-).

Another post needs to be about a lost and found again ring. My favourite. I’m so glad I’ve got it back and this definitely deserves a post as well. Even if it also will be about Frank as well. And about Scotland.

And… Yet another Frank fan post idea (told ya, my life is boring) about why I love the song “Brave Face” so much.

Before I write any of these though I need to take a bit more care of myself and catch up on sleep…

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