Plans for the Weekend

Baby, let’s get out of the city, 
We need to breathe some cleaner air
(Wanderlust ~ Frank Turner, 2011)

It feels like work has been insanely busy since I got back from Manchester. Or maybe it’s the ordinary hassle and I just feel overwhelmed because of the days I missed while I was away and now need to catch up on. I feel like I’m dropping too many of the balls I’m juggling at the moment. And not just at work I’m afraid. I’m also incredibly knackered when I get home every day, even though I do sleep alright.

Maybe it would be a good idea to use the weekend to sit down and make a list of things I need or want to do or get done or just have it over with. And  I did consider this. But then I also considered using the sunny weather we can expect here on Saturday to “get up and get down and get outside” ;-) Quite literally, because I realized my Scotland trip, where I plan to hike up a few mountains isn’t too far away and I’m not quite sure my legs and lungs are up for that. “You might need a test hike”, I thought. Where to though on Saturday? I plan to see “Skinny Lister” in Cologne tomorrow night and was pretty sure that after a late night out my bed and my comfy or at least familiar sofa would be more inviting than a hike. I would probably dawdle the morning away and also maybe think some over due chores around the house were more important than a hike. 

So, I decided to not even get tempted by my own comfortable home on a Saturday morning and looked up hikes I could do in the “Eifel”, a mountain range south-west of Cologne. Found one about one hour south of Cologne, that looked challenging enough, but also adaptable enough if I get too tired. Booked a room at the ibis budget for a night and packed most of my small bag already. So instead of driving home from work and from here to the gig in Cologne in the evening, I’ll head straight to Cologne after work. Check into my hotel, go to a gig, stay far away from the lazy comfort of my own home and head out to hike early(-ish) instead. Doing chores and writing to-do-lists can wait another day till a possibly gloomy Sunday.  

But I feel like I really, really need to get out and clear my head and for me that’s always easier to do far away from home than at home with all the distractions my flat has to offer. The only thing to hope for now is that the stupid sneezing and slight sniffling doesn’t turn into a full blown cold. At the end of march! 

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