A Busy Day Exploring Industrial Ruins

And in Battersea power station, the Fisher King
Ponders on his ruin, among many other things.
He folds his broken hands,
Surveys his barren lands,
And prays for hope to whisper on the wind.
(The Fisher King Blues ~ Frank Turner, 2013)

Not quite two weeks ago I was searching for something about the logistics of the “Traumzeit Festival” in Duisburg, which is where I will see my next Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls gig in a week (Finally! It’s been too long). Besides the information I was looking for, I came across an event happening in that location THIS weekend: a travel / outdoor photography trade fair with workshops and seminars and all kinds of interesting stuff. As sluggish and out-of-sorts as I’ve been feeling lately, this seemed like a perfect opportunity to just do something new. And before I could talk myself out of it, I signed up (and more importantly paid!) for a 4 hours workshop on event photography, a seminar about how to make more compelling photos and a multi vision show about Greenland, Iceland and Scotland. So a busy day as I had planned to stay after sunset to take some pictures from the lighting installation as well.

I’m glad that I did sign up and went, not necessarily because I learned tons of new things yesterday or met amazing new people. I learned a bit and had a nice time all in all, but I think the most important part of it, was, that I did “get up and get down and get outside”. Keep my mind and myself busy with new experiences, new situations, new people. And thus stop my mind from running in the same old self distracting circles of too much negative thinking.

I have no idea when I decided to switch from 4:3 to a 16:9 resolution in my large camera. Neither do I have any idea, why, but here are a few of my photos (click to enlarge, as usual).

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