Just Another Lazy Weekend…

“Lately, I’ve been feeling kind of fragile.
Lately, I’ve been feeling all worn out.”
(Faithful Son ~ Frank Turner, 2009)

I’m typing this on my phone in bed around 8 on a Sunday evening after having been mostly lazy all rainy weekend long. I’m not sure if this – being in bed that early – is pathetic or adult or just plain weird. I’ve been pretty exhausted all weekend, but in a different way than last weekend. Then I had been busy at work and not getting enough rest. This last week was ok and not too stressful though. Yesterday I felt like I was coming down with a cold and lay down for a nap in the early afternoon. I woke up an hour later quite disconcerted for the first few moments.

Something similar happened this morning when I woke up from one of those very weird dreams. The ones you try to remember and then quickly forget about after all. I knew I might want to retell it though I typed

dream train river cruise lost luggage

in my phone’s notes. And yes, it was as weird as these prompts might seem. I was on a river cruise – though the ship was a huge many storeys cruise ship. While I was transferring from a train to the ship I lost my luggage (forgot to bring it from the train more likely) and though I obviously was not too worried about most of the items in my bag, the fact that it had contained a Frank Turner hoodie, which was now lost, really really troubled me. As I had obviously been on my way to a gig. Using an huge ocean liner on a river. I woke up then and never found out whether my hoodie and / or luggage were found or if the gig was any good. ;-) My mind is a weird place sometimes.

Today it wasn’t the inkling of a cold that kept bothering me all day as much as having my period. Not so much trouble pain wise (thank God) but a bit heavier than usual. Not really worryingly, just a bit bothersome. One more reason to stay home on the couch and not be out doing stuff while always worrying if there’s a toilet nearby if I’d need it. I might also add that I debated (can you debate with yourself? ), if I really want to mention periods on my blog. Too much information and all that? But then I thought… Screw this. It’s not a topic to be ashamed of. It’s a very natural part of the everyday life of half the population. And there is still enough awkwardness and shame about it instilled in most of us women, I definitely don’t want to contribute to that. If I use this online space of mine to write about the other mundane aspects of my life, I can very well write about that too.

So, while I was hormonal (period) and gloomy (weather) on my couch most of the weekend I finished reading the first two books from my recent shopping spree. “Dear Martin” (Nic Stone) and “All We Ever Wanted” (Emily Giffin). I liked them both alright, but unfortunately in both cases I felt something was missing, though I can’t really put my finger on it. To be honest I didn’t care enough about either story or character in them to try to figure out why I was a bit underwhelmed by them. I might go for one of the non fiction ones on my shelf next for a change. Or maybe not…

In absolutely non related news: only 40 days till I finally see Frank Turner & the Sleeping Souls play some music again. Yay! I’ve been trying really hard to not get spoiled too much for the new arrangements they’re going to play on this tour, but I sometime can’t help myself and click on the Instagram clip anyway. The overall reaction from everyone – even the most sceptic about this ‘stripped down’ set – was overwhelming positive, so I can’t freaking wait.

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