“Work & Travel” from A – Z

This might seem like a random collection of prompts, but I don’t care ;-)

Climate Action & Change | I still prefer to be a bit vague on here about where I work and what I do. Weird habit. Anyway, I work in the Climate Change / Climate Action field and of course I have so many thoughts on what is going on a the moment. I should write an extra post about it all at some point. I’ve applied for my current job all those years ago, because among all the Green issues I support, this has always been one of the most important ones to me and I’m relieved that it finally gets the attention and traction I think it deserves. Even though it’s still not enough. Too many thoughts for just one prompt in a “Day of” post. The thing is: We all need to change how we do the things we do, if we want to tackle this. Each of us personally and of course society and systems as well. There is no either / or and it’s so easy to point the finger to other countries or other people, but that won’t help us in the long run, will it?

Coffee | A bit more than usual yesterday, but I definitely needed the caffeine. At least that’s what I tell myself. And of course I looked for the nearest Pret here, because the one at Euston Station still seems to be closed.

Sleep | Never underestimate the power of a decent night of sleep. Even if the last two nights haven’t been as long as I had liked them to be. At least I got a solid 6+ hours in both nights. And I needed it especially last night, as I was in a very grumpy, very low, very hard on my self kind of mood. Instead of dwelling too much on it all – because I know it’s all just in my head – I decided to go to bed and the world does look better this morning. Phew! I also need to clap myself on the back for stop being overly stingy when it comes to accomodations. A room with a queen size bed and enough space to walk around it. A desk. Enough space to put things even if it’s just for a night. A ordinary sized bathroom. A good shower with amazing water pressure even on the 5th floor. That all is so worth the 15 – 20 GPB this Travelodge costs more than other of the tiny shoebox rooms I’ve stayed in here in this area of London over the years.

Train Travel | I did this treck from Germany to London multiple times in my life so far. Never ever did it stress me out like it did yesterday. The train to Brussels was packed with people stand in the coaches in the aisles for the first leg. I’m so glad I also stopped being stingy when it comes to the extra money a seat reservation costs me on German trains. That’s money well spend, even though I couldn’t get any work done (working through some papers or even on my netbook), because I had to have my backpack on my lap for the whole two hours as there was no other space to put it. The Eurostar Terminal in Brussels is being remodelled at the moment, which means limited waiting space and all the hassle that comes with it.

Twitter | It’s still my number 1 social media to get news and different opinions and to communicate with people all over the world (I prefer it to Facebook and even Instagram for that). But even I seem to have reached my limits when it comes to the cesspit of negativity and shouting and trolling. Not on my feed, thank God, but every once in a while I do fall into the rabbit hole of checking replies to a trending tweet or replies to Great Thunberg for instance and it turns nasty very very quickly. WTF is wrong with people?

Work | See “Climate Action”. It’s going to be a long week, but a very interesting and exciting and hopefully inspiring one here in the UK. I’m a bit bummed that I couldn’t get as much work done on the trip so far, due to the cramped quarters everywhere. But that’s crying over spilled milk now.

Off to gather my things in my big hotel room now :-), walk to Pret, hop on the bus to Euston Station and continue my journey up north.

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