November Thoughts: Oscillating (Fancy Word, I Know)

“Some mornings I pray for evening,
For the day to be done”
(The Way I Tend To Be ~ Frank Turner, 2013)

There is a Frank lyric for every day I realized :-) At least for the last few days I’ve tried to jot some which fit my mood down in my journal. A bit freaky that there are so many that come to my mind quickly. Although… maybe not freaky at all and just the typical fangirl mind.

November is winding down and I haven’t managed to do half of what I had set out to do. Or at least had vaguely thought about doing. Work and other stuff kept me busy and kept my overthinking mind in overdrive which wore me out additionally. I think I’ve mentioned that here already.

What’s been getting me through most of this slump – besides Cormoran Strike novels and The Crown season 3 –  was the prospect of returning to my happy place: a Frank Turner show  by the end of the month. Not just one show. Four shows even from Friday to Tuesday with one day off in between. I’m still really, really, REALLY looking forward to these few days away from my ordinary life. I look forward to it so much that I’ve already started worrying that I might be expecting too much and that it won’t be as grand as I want it to be. Ugh, I hate my overthinking worrying mind. Why can’t I just “let it come, let it go” Yes, that’s a Will Varley lyric which just popped up in my mind. I haven’t seen Will play a show in a while. Mmmmh.

Anyway, right now my mind is oscillating between being

  • tired / overwhelmed by work and life
  • excited for the amazing trip to the UK
  • worried that trip might not live up to my expectations and I’ll come home disappointed
  • a bit quite mad at my mind for being so complicated…

Can something oscillate between more than two points?

I need a break. 95 hours till I see Frank & the Sleeping Souls on stage again…

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