09.12.2019: #Positivity2019

“And I have fallen down and I’m so much worse than I have ever been”
(The Opening Act Of Spring ~ Frank Turner, 2015)

Day 2 and I was already tempted to skip the #Positivity2019 tweet. Because I wasn’t feeling too positive all day. I was back in gloomy, unfocused, overwhelmed state of mind and thus slightly unproductive at work. Which in turn led to me beating myself up about it all and the whole cycle of too much negative thoughts began again. So much for the optimistic undertones of my No Man’s Land tour review.

On the drive back home my Frank collection on shuffle played “The Opening Act of Spring” and that helped as a reminder to get myself together. And to look for the good moments in all the gloom and self pity today.

  • Picking up my prescription this morning went much quicker than usual.
  • The horrendous downpour finally stopped in the afternoon / earlier evening.
  • Our Green email accounts ‘survived’ the switch of webhosting services.
  • Only 7 more days of work, then I’m off for two whole weeks. Longest span of time I won’t have to set my alarm since my vacation in May.
  • Selfcare Monday. Don’t know if that’s a thing. I’ll be off now to catch a good night’s sleep.
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