My (Ton Of) Photos From The Latest Frank Turner Tour

I sometimes go slightly completely overboard with taking photos, when I’m at a Frank Turner gig. Usually mostly when he’s talking and not when he’s singing, because that’s when I’m also singing, dancing, jumping or being emotional and thus not have a steady hand or even the mind for taking a photo. But… there wasn’t that much dancing or jumping during the shows of No Man’s Land tour. There was a lot of Frank talking though ;-)

My photos turned out all right, I was too far away for good clear shots for the first three gigs and the amazing lighting made it a bit difficult for my camera to adapt at the last show. But they are are nice memory regardless.

I did the last four shows and the photos are in that order. Obviously…

#1 De La Warr Pavillon, Bexhill. In the back of the stalls. This was my first show on this tour and so I didn’t take a lot of photos because I was mostly completely enthralled by the whole concept. The anecdotes, the atmosphere and sound. I wrote all about it a few days ago.
#2 Alexandra Palace Theatre, London. In the balcony. My favourite show on this run, not just because it was my #50 all in all. The sound of the crowd singing was incredible.
#3 Symphony Hall, Birmingham. Up in the gods. Great show, but the stage was very far away.
#4 Alexandra Palace Theatre, London. Again. An aisle seat in row 3. And after three shows I had a good idea of when to have my camera ready. Even though, I probably still went overboard. But it’s fun to watch Frank tell a story, because he has great facial expression and gestures and he’s very in to it. As you can see…

[Click to enlarge, as usual]

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