The Simple Kind of Stuff – 52/2019

And we haven’t done enough of this simple kind of stuff.
This year it’s clear we’re getting older and it shows
(Dan’s Song ~ Frank Turner, 2009)

While I was going through all the posts on this blog I came across the various attempts to record the good moments in my day-to-day life. Those attempts had various titles and obviously neither lasted all that long. Doing it daily on Twitter somehow seems like too much of a hassle even on the best of days. But to sit down at the end of a week and look back is something I will try to do in 2020. Wish me luck :-) 

 Not in chronological order (this time) 

  • relaxing, lazy days at home
  • finally being motivated to sort through and some (smaller) drawers and shelves and to get rid of stuff. Bit by bit…
  • spending a lovely day with good friends and their adorable children
  • yummy food on that occasion
  • being able to not worry too much
  • spending some time taking photos at a illuminated park
  • reading / seeing all the “behind the scene” glimpses of SpitLip rehearsals
  • getting hooked on a novel: “Half a World Away” by Mike Gayle
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