05.01.2020 | Miscellaneous

So kiss goodbye to comfort, say hello to fun
Grab your battered guitar. Face the dark and run.
(Gene Kelly ~ Felix Hagan & The Family, 2017)

Two posts into the new year and my blogging streak hit a slump. I was too knackered on Friday and then I was too lazy and too distracted. A few days ago I read my first Mike Gayle novel and got quite hooked. I’m not sure I’m interested in all of this books, as some plots doesn’t seem too interesting, but at the moment I’m already deep into the fourth one (not chronologically) of his dozen or so, so I don’t know :-) 

Anyway in the spirit of the lyrical quote above I want to put down some thoughts at least instead of giving up on my idea to blog a bit more regularly. I’ve got a busy two days ahead. Stuff at work. Running errands. New Year’s meeting with my Greens. My goddaughters’ birthday party. In between all that I need to pack for London! Where I’m going to be from Wednesday evening till Sunday morning. Nothing to do with Frank Turner this time, by the way. I’m going to see “Operation Mincemeat” again. Twice. Visit an exhibition at the Science Museum. Taking part in two “Women of London Historical Walks”. Taking my good camera and the tripod to maybe take some photos of the Illuminated River if the weather permits. Doing other City-Touristy stuff I haven’t had the time or inclination to in my past few visits to London, where I often was only passing through to other places in the UK.   

There was another idea I wanted to post about on Friday, when I was so knackered I lay down for a over three hour nap at 5 in the afternoon,  but I might do that on the long train ride to London on Wednesday. Three days from now I will already – hopefully – have checked into my hotel and got comfy… 

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