19.01.2020 | This & That

Sleep | I had quite the busy week and I’m so bad at going to bed at a reasonable time. Especially when I have a busy week. Talk about self-destruction, eh? From Monday to Friday I slept on average 5:15 hours per night. Understandable I was absolutely knackered on Friday evening. I went to bed around 10 and slept for over 10 hours. Go me. Last night I went to bed later than planned; still around midnight, but then was a bit anxious about work stuff, which meant my sleep wasn’t too restful. I’ll have some long days at work ahead, so I’ll hope to catch a good night sleep tonight.

Peak Streak | Once again I’ve already been slacking. I did my part of the walking, especially in London, but back home and busy with work etc… Same old, same old excuses. I need to take a step back and reevaluate…

Books | I’ve been reading quite a bit this year so far. And I like it. It’s a nice change to mind numbing TV in the evenings, though I’m not reading sophisticated literature instead. Just the usual contemporary fiction, but that’s ok.

Photography | I hope later this week I’ll find the time to upload some of my London photos. I didn’t take all that many during my walks, but a few at the illuminated river and they turned out alright, I think. Somehow I feel like I’m repeating myself here…

Miscellaneous | There were so many other ideas / stories I considered sharing, but right now I can’t recall what those were. I really should get into the habit of jotting them down right away.

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