24.01.2020 | “Mr. Richards…”

He drew a line between work and living, and work was winning out.
(Mr. Richards ~ Frank Turner, 2011)

Work | This week felt a lot like I lived Mr. Richards’ life. That lyric above anyway. I usually work 39 hours on the regular five day week (Mo – Fri). The occasional duty for a weekend event sometimes brings it up to over 40 hours, but I then usually try to cut down during the weeks around the event , so a six days week only ever comes up to 41 hours or so. This week I worked 45,5 hours on the regular five days. And I’m absolutely exhausted! Because it’s also a 45 minutes drive one way. On Monday and Tuesday there was about an hour to wind down between coming home and going to bed around 11. 

I don’t want to complain too much though, because weeks like these are not the norm and I like my job all in all and think I’m doing something important or at least something worthwhile (Climate Change / Climate Action sector). This year we’ll have more public events and citizens’ engagements events and those usually happen in the evening or the weekend and I’m fine with that. Just not … all at once. This afternoon we had another rather productive meeting about a big citizens engagement event in March and I’m feeling optimistic that we’re going to pull it off.  

Sleep | When I got home knackered after the first event on Monday I knew I had to get a decent amount of sleep all week if I want to live the tale to have made it through. So unlike many other weeks I actually tried (and managed) to go to bed at a reasonable time. I got about 6.5 hours compared to the often only 5.5 when I’m dawdling and procrastinating and just not going to bed. And only that one hour made a big difference. Maybe that’ll teach me… something. I was still knackered when I got home this evening and was tempted to lie down for a power nap. But that didn’t work out so good last time, so I decided to soldier through till Nine-ish or so. On a Friday night. I’ve long passed the phase I feel like I should joke about that or say something self-deprecating. If I need sleep, I need sleep and I shouldn’t feel bad about that. Another quote from “Mr. Richards…” (I’m very selective about which one to quote and I don’t care if they mean something different if referred to without context)

But as soon as you’re sleeping, does it really matter what mattress you happen to be sleeping on?

It definitely matters to me! *g* Seriously. I’m so happy I’ve got a big, comfy bed to call my own and there is a reason why I often splurge on a queensize or bigger bed whenever I’m sleeping somewhere else. I’m too old to make compromises when it comes to sleeping arrangements. 

Reminiscing Fangirl | Exactly a year ago I was on my way to Manchester to one of my favourite Frank Turner related trips so far. Three shows of the second leg of Be More Kind UK Tour and most important the special gig at the HatWorks museum in the afternoon. Or as Frank states in “Mr. Richards”… 

As long as your living and your having fun.

And that’s a helpful reminder to get me through weeks like this one. It’s just a momentary phase and there will be time to live and have fun.  At least I always try to make the time. Like a three day vacation to Amsterdam next week. Including a (50 minutes or so) Frank Turner gig as special guest for the Dropkick Murphys tour. 

Health (Care System) | No fitting lyric available from that song for this topic, I’m afraid.  Basically: I had a free health check up yesterday (and the blood draw this morning). All is fine and well, though I had lost my vaccination document. I know, I know… I’ve been searching for it for at least two years now. I’m pretty sure I got vaccinated for all the regular stuff as a child, but we couldn’t find any proof of a booster shot for Tetanus etc, so we did that this morning as well. My upper arm is feeling a bit sore now as expected.  Anyway, I’m glad the checkup in general went fine as it should have, because I feel fine. But… half-empty glasses and all that. And isn’t it amazing that the German (and other I think) health care systems offer these kind of check ups for free? For everyone? “Socialist” Healthcare rules! 

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  1. Amanda says:

    I woke up this morning grateful for having slept in my own bed at home. So I understand your need for a decent bed!

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