26.01.2020 | Opening Act of Spring. Maybe?

Oh the season’s acting strange, and I know that something has to change
(The Opening Act Of Spring ~ Frank Turner, 2015)

When you catch yourself in unhelpful / unhealthy behaviour and you still sort of keep doing it even though you know you shouldn’t: is that a step forward from previous states of mind where you only did that unhelpful / unhealthy thing without noticing it? Asking for a friend, obviously ;-) Seriously, among quite a bit of halfhearted dawdling and procrastinating I caught myself relying on some songs again this afternoon until I realized what Frank Turner “taught me” a few days ago. Listening to songs isn’t always enough. So I might have a look at some books on my self-help-shelf later on and finally pick on. As a first step anyway. 

Before that a quick recap of this weekend, which wasn’t too bad. Lazy and solitary, which was what I needed after this week. 

Amsterdam | I’ll be there for a long weekend next week and yesterday and today was the first time I actually spent some real time with some travel guide books to get an idea of the city and what I could / should do with my time. I admit haven’t gotten a good grasp yet of the city layout and what to do with my time. I don’t want to schedule too much but on the other hand  I don’t want to flounder and not know what to do. I might spend some more time planning that today. 

Books | After the busy week I finally found and took time to read again this weekend. I finished “Such a Fun Age”, which left me a bit underwhelmed to be honest. Now I’m hooked on a contemporary romance novel “The Wedding Date” and it’s the first in a series, so this might keep me busy for a while. 

Coffee | On weekends not as much as during the week. No idea what that means for my sleep cycle. If anything at all :-)

Ice cream | Yes, I had an ice cream sundae today. While it’s still winter-y outside. But it was a lovely sunny day and I went for a walk before that ice cream stop, so I didn’t feel too guilty about it. 

Peak Streak | Once again I got lost track of that one. I tried to spend 15-20 minutes walking each day and it’s also the reason I went out for a walk today, but it definitely lacked consistency. *sigh*

Sex Education | I just started watching this show today, after thinking for a long time that it’s not something I’d be interested it. But I actually quite like it. Yes, it’s sometimes a bit silly with all the teenager drama and a bit gross sometimes as well. But I kind of already like Otis and Eric and Maeve quite a bit. The third episode I watched tonight was surprisingly serious and quite sad, when you consider all those parents who don’t really see their children and want them to be someone their are not.  

Sleep | If this week has taught me one thing, it’s that I am more relaxed and a bit less stressed when I get enough sleep. So I will definitely try to not go to bed too late over the next few days / weeks as well. And even with the additional hour I got on average this passed week I still went to bed around 10 on Friday and slept for over 9 hours. It’s weird to see that my body obviously needs it and it’s something to get used to, but it’s also an easy self-care thing to do, so I’ll hope I’ll not fall back into old habits. 

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