The Simple Kind of Stuff – 01/2020

I took notes during the week for this post. Which is kind of a progress :-)

  • nice free parking spot when I went to Cologne to see… 
  • “Ford vs Ferrari”, which I enjoyed a lot. yes I only watched it because Caitriona was in it. Still a fun movie.
  • getting enough sleep
  • discovering Mike Gayle novels and really enjoying them so far (3.5 books in)
  • being rather productive on my first day back at the office, while also being not too s elf-critical, which was a nice change.
  • I started my version of the PeakStreak. I sort of started over on day 3, because for the first two days I picked option 3 “Any Hobby = reading”, which was sort of a cop-out as I read a lot each anyway. So I went for a 20 minute walk yesterday and did half of the 20 minutes work out today. 
  • I made my own paper crown, drawn on in gold and silver and embellished with some glitter for a “royal” birthday party my then 5 year old granddaughters will have on Tuesday. And it was kind of fun to do…
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