14.02.2020 | Refocus

For a short moment I was questioning my decision to pick a Frank photo to head over my post today. Valentine’s Day and all, because I was worried (yep, what else is new) that it might give you the wrong impression. I don’t love Frank. I mean, I do. But I don’t “love him” love him, if you know what I mean. The gig on Tuesday was the highlight of an otherwise lame, busy, exhausting week, so I decided to just not care.

All throughout the day (and even the days before) I had vague ideas for a blog post. But right now I’m too tired and not at odds with myself to be able to do that coherently. Hopefully I have a bit more clarity tomorrow after a good long night of sleep. I’m at odds with myself, because I made a lot of… maybe not bad, but at least not healthy or helpful choices all week. Tiny stuff, but all in all. Yeah, I’m not happy with myself. I’ve also been quite the scatterbrain all week (more on that tomorrow, hopefully) and that is equal parts funny and a bit worrisome. I need to refocus a bit I think. Priorities and self care and all that jazz. Starting with 10 or so hours of sleep tonight…

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