15.02.2020 | Scatterbrain

So don’t you worry, all things must end.
There are sunlight uplands around the river bend.
(Glorious You ~ Frank Turner, 2015)

Today didn’t go quite as planned. Not in a bad way though, except that my flat still is a mess. I still haven’t done the things (press release, statement) I had planned to do for the local Greens. I watched quite a lot of TV. Not sure if that’s an accomplishment though. I started the morning with the Outlander Season 5 Panel which was quite nice, even though the questions were the questions they always get asked. Lauren Lyle killed it with snarky comments from the back-row. I wanted to listen to the complete audiobook of “The Fiery Cross” before the show starts, but I’m still only little over halfway through it, I think. It’s going to be interesting to see if the show will catch up with me or if I’ll get through before the season 5 finale.

After some errands I decided to finally continue with “The Stranger” on Netflix. I watched the first episode on my way to Amsterdam two weeks ago and was too busy or not in the right mindset to keep up with it since. It was a good thing I kept it till now, because I just binged 5 episodes in a row! Holy shit, this show is gooooood! I was tempted to watch the last two as well tonight, but then decided to be a reasonable adult and keep them for tomorrow and not go to bed too late. Making better choices and all that.

Because like I mentioned yesterday: I didn’t make the best choices this week. Too much junk food. Chocolate, sweets, cookies, crisps…. Spending too much time with mindnumbing timewasting random boring stuff. Too much eating out, because I was too busy or too lazy to cook. Not enough (as in none at all) mediation. Or working out. Or doing something for my body and soul. Though that’s not quite true. I went to see Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls play a support gig on Tuesday. Which always is good for my soul :-)

The other thing that bothered me these past 1.5 weeks and which is or should be a clear sign for me that I need to change some things, was that I was a absolute scatterbrain. I have no idea why, but I never ever forgot or messed up stuff as much as I did these past days. At least that’s what it felt like. I was starting to get worried. At some day last week half way on my way to work I realized I didn’t have the keys to my apartment (and many other doors) on me. They weren’t in any pocket, my bag or my car. So I turned round, picked up the spare key from my Mum’s and found my keys…. stuck in the lock of my apartment door. On Tuesday I brought sandwiches to work to potentially eat before the gig that night, because I went out to lunch that day. I didn’t take them with me when I left work. They were still good to eat the day later, but I really could have needed them that night. Twice this week I was so lost in thought while I was driving, that I missed the right exit on the motorway or turn in the city and had to drive all around to get back on track. The worst moment of all was that I dropped my phone onto the rough surface of the parking garage on Tuesday, which led to a crack in the corner of the screen. Not too big and it’s still fine to use and all, but oh man, that made me so mad at myself. In the two decades of me owning a cellphone this is the first for me. And my phone is only a few months old. So yeah…. Maybe that will teach me to be more mindful with my belongings. And other things as well. Like my wellbeing. Getting enough sleep and all that… Again.

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