20.02.2020 | Time Out…

I have a tiny, nerdy thing for equal numbers in dates. So today felt like I should write a post, even though I’ve not got much to say and I’m knackered and a bit frustrated. About work stuff mostly. I’m also still in a kind of dazed shock about the right wing terrorist attack in Hanau, Germany, where 9 people were killed. I’m not in the best / right mindset to follow all the news, so all I feel able to say now (and always to be honest) is: FUCK NAZIS! 

For the past few days I’ve tried to keep track (as in count via a simple app) all the distracting thoughts or way of thinking and other small “ticks”, if you want to call them that. It has been… enlightening. In some way anyway.

I might spend some time on the weekend exploring all of the above and maybe even write about it. Or I might not. Either way, I will spend the weekend by the sea! In the Netherlands on a very very spontaneously booked trip. I’ve got Monday off from work anyway and  work has been so bloody busy and will stay busy for the next few weeks, that I felt I needed some time away from it all. Time to unwind and recharge. And the sea is always the best place for me to do that, so I did. All the while knowing how lucky and privileged I am that I can do these kind of things on a whim, when I feel like it. All in all I’m pretty blessed….  

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