The Simple Kind of Stuff – 06/2020

I had plans to finally write a bit more about my life this today. But I’m not feeling my best which sucks, because I want to enjoy my next Frank Turner gig on Tuesday. It felt like my voices was on the way of giving up and I have a slight headache. I probably should have just stayed in bed and rest, but I had to take care of our local Greens finances and do a tiny bit of other stuff. I also caught up with “Sex Education” which is a show I still enjoy quite a lot. Yes, it’s sometimes juvenile and gross, but most of the time it’s such profound stuff about growing up or just life in general. Relationships and how we see ourselves and why it shouldn’t matter to us how others see us and all that crap I still haven’t quite figured out almost 30 years later. 

A bit of the good things as far as I remember them from this week

  • Dutch cookies
  • Meeting that went ok
  • Keeping my cool in the meetings that don’t
  • A big political event that went quite well (such a relief)
  • A nice stroll up a former tip / now landmark during sunset
  • Sex Education on Netflix


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