The Simple Kind of Stuff – 08 – 10/2020

I had actually written the post about week 8 with a one day delay, but for some reason didn’t post it. I was too busy or whatever since then to actually keep track and only jotted down stuff randomly, when I remembered it. I need to do better in the next week…

  • Outlander is back
  • a few good political meetings on a local level
  • Felix Hagan & the Family are back in the studio
  • some lovely after the storm sunsets in the sky
  • Praise (sort of) at work
  • A weekend by the sea
  • It’s finally light outside when I drive to work
  • A lovely afternoon evening with a friend, some light art and good food
  • Frank Turner gig on my horizon
  • I might be on the right track to establish some healthy habits  
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