13.04.2020 | More Downs Than Ups…

It’s easy enough to talk about Blitz spirit
When you’re not holding the roof up and knee deep in it.
(The Next Storm ~ Frank Turner, 2015)

I wish I had more than one good day in a row. It’s quite the rollercoaster for me at the moment between days when I keep busy and moderately active and then other days where I don’t do more then veg out on my sofa in front of the TV. I caved and signed up for Disney + this afternoon. It’s not like I wouldn’t have enough stuff to watch on Netflix or Prime *headdesk*. I hadn’t planned to use Disney + at first as I can’t get it on my TV, don’t have a Fire Stick or similar and my tablet has a rather small screen. Then I remember I can stream from my (backup) phone to my TV screen, so that’s what I did. Easy going Pixar or Disney movies seem like a good thing for my brain at the moment. Not in the engage my brain sense, rather the opposite. I have no idea if that’s the right strategy. I watched “Frozen” – for the first time (I know!) – this afternoon and that was alright. I don’t quite get the hype about it, it wasn’t all that special to me. 

Despite feeling rather lazy these past two days, I could check off about half the items of my to-do-list (for the Easter weekend), which I consider an accomplishment these days. I went for another walk/run around noon, dropped by my mum for a quick chat. Deleted another time consuming game app from my phone as it was really using up too much of my time. Lack of self control and all that. I don’t miss it (yet). 

I spent quite some time yesterday and today sorting my Polychromos pencils and actually making  colour charts in the way that I coloured a square to see what they all look like on paper. First I sorted them according to numbers, but then I realized for some reason that’s really messed up. I mean, look at this? Orange – Blue – Orange – Green doesn’t make any sense, does it? 

So I re-did the chart in a more sensible order. I might start colouring or even drawing a bit more these next few days. Four days of vacation. Yay! Not going to be much of a change to what I’ve done the past four weeks, but still… Not having to be available for work all the time (not really, but it felt like it) might help to calm me down a bit more this week. I’ll try to spend some more of my time actually doing stuff and not just watch TV or dawdle on my phone. 

I’ve also still got a few podcasts I haven’t listened to yet. I haven’t subscribed to any regularly, but there are enough who have people I like as guest. The last few were some with Frank Turner (no surprise) and no matter how many times I hear him talk about his music, his career, his life, I still get to know things I hadn’t know before. You wouldn’t think that’s possible, but every once in a while it happens. It wasn’t exactly news to me, but the Wasted Times Podcast just once again reminded me, that Frank always has been – and of course still is – incredibly intelligent, educated and well read to an almost intimidating degree. Besides his wonderful way with words in his lyrics and his freakingly vast vocabulary  (who uses ‘discombobulated’ in an everyday conversation?) his humble and down-to-earth demeanour lets you forget, that he could have gone a very different path if he had wanted to. To either be a brilliant academic or to go into finance or politics or whatever 95% of the other guys from his Eton years ended up doing. I’m very, very happy that he ditched all that and ‘joined the circus’ instead ;-)   

I still haven’t listened to She’s a Rec’ with Caitriona Balfe and Bryony Gordon has taken up the Mad World Podcast again as well. Enough stuff to listen to and distract myself in a slightly more sensible way than I did so far. When I rearranged some pages on this blog I also realized that even though I have written posts about each of Frank eight albums and the songs on them, I have ignored the “Three Years” compilations so far. There are more songs to review / comment on, so I might just do that as well. We’ll see…

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