07.05.2020 | “When Things Were OK…”

So in the stillness of the moment make sure you take a polaroid picture,
And keep it with you forever,
To remind yourself that everything changes,
But there was this one time, there was this one time, when things were OK.
(Polaroid Picture ~ Frank Turner, 2013)

Today was a good day! Yes, I’m just as surprised as you are. Assuming you were surprised by this, I have no idea. I almost didn’t write this post tonight, because I’m a bit tired and after Frank Turner ended his weekly live stream, I was tempted to go (back) to bed in a happy fangirl glow. And then I remembered how gloomy and unhappy with myself I felt yesterday and I wrote a post about *that*. I don’t want this place to only record the gloomy days. So… today was a good one.

I did another walk/run interval from my Garmin training plan. I’m still very slow compared to other people and I was slower than last week. But I’m out there moving and that’s a good thing, right? I was mostly productive at “the office” all morning and in the afternoon when I relocated my “office” from my living room to Bro2’s patio. The demolition is still going on next door and they’re tearing down walls and stuff closer to my building at the moment, which is a bit annoying, noise wise. As it was a lovely, sunny day I decided to make the best of it and took my stuff over to my brother’s. The perks of working from home in this pandemic.

Before I relocated I did a two hour Skype call with project partners from all over Europe in the EU project we’re involved in. It was nice to hear and see those by now familiar voices / faces and to see that we’re all doing ok these days. With all that’s been going on around here – office, family, state of my own mental health – I had to put this project on the backburner for a bit. But it’s been nice to get back into the swing of things.

A few more productive and informative and quite nice phone calls with supervisor and colleagues, quite a bit more filling out Excel sheets and I could call it a day and felt like I actually got quite some stuff done. Haven’t felt like that – office wise – in a while. So…. good day.

I spent a bit more time in the sunny garden, chatting with my family. When I finally got home I felt a bit knackered, so I actually lay down for a nap (didn’t really sleep, just rest, but that’s fine) before I watched Frank Turner play the whole “Tape Deck Heart” album for Independent Venues Love 7. Very stable stream and sound quality on Youtube again. Nice! These evenings are always such a nice respite. The music of course, but also to see / read so many familiar people in the chat and to see / hear Frank and his wife Jess banter behind the scenes. I love that they both on board with the unofficial drinking game by now! It’s so much fun. I only took sips this week though :-)

Only one more day till the weekend and yes – even though most days feel alike – the weekend is still something I try to cherish. Sleeping in. Not logging into office mails and such. Also… my LEGO London Skyline set will hopefully finally be delivered. I ordered it on the official site on Wednesday 28th April. According to the DPD tracker it left the LEGO warehouse in Belgium on Thursday 29th April. That’s all that’s happened with that order set so far. The site says allow 10 day for delivery, but… Fuck it! I looked at other stores in the meantime and unfortunately the closest department stores don’t have it in stock. Amazon had though and I usually try not to order those things there for a variety of known reasons. But these are desperate and unusual times and I was gloomy yesterday, so I ordered it for an even cheaper price than from the official store. The Amazon delivery is supposed to be here by tomorrow evening. And I guess I’ll just sent the one from the official store back when it will be delivered at all. I already payed for it though I hope any way of sending back / refunding won’t be too much of a hassle.

Anyway. Almost Friday. Weekend. A few more good days, I hope.

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