People vs. Hermit

Because the truth is I don’t like people all that much.
(Once We Were Anarchists ~ Frank Turner, 2008)

A second (quick) post from me today. That’s a novelty. This one has been simmering in my mind for quite some time. Whenever I thought about writing it I also thought I better shouldn’t, because it’s going to be a  rant and that’s rarely ever constructive. And it’s not kind. But I obviously need to get it out of my system. 

After I dropped by my mum this afternoon, I went to put some petrol in my car and after that bought a ice cream sundae to take home. People were using the outdoor tables of the ice cream parlour and of the pub next door. None were “gathering” as such. But not many cared about proper distancing or putting on / keeping on a mask either. Maybe I’m overreacting, but it is sooooooooo frustrating to see. Don’t they know the proper protocol? Don’t they care? This lax behaviour might work out okay for all of us for now, because we’re mostly outdoors and the risk of infection is lower in these situation. But how will they act when interactions are moved back indoors after the summer? So far I was always able to make a wide(er) berth around those people, whenever I’m encountering them and I’m not too worried for myself, because of that, because just a short span of time and proximity etc. But still…. ARGH! 

Rule #1: If you’re not living together or are not close family: stay 6 feet apart. Even if you’re now allowed to meet more people than just your family outdoors and the distance isn’t required by the regulation. Stay apart anyway! Why would you want to take that risk? Why?!?!?

 Rule #2: Learn how to use your face mask properly. Wear it over your mouth AND nose! I’m not going to be so strict about asking you to wash your hand every time before you put it on or after you take it off, because that’s impractical if you’re out and about. But… don’t touch the fabric with your unwashed hands. Try to only touch it by the strings. Don’t have it hanging around your neck the whole time and pull it up and down at leisure. I mean, what’s the point of that? Because I bet you’ll be touching the fabric when you pull it up and down and not the strings, so… just don’t. Bring an airtight container or bag to store it in between uses. I use the small plastic bag with a zip usually used for freezing. Don’t just put it in your trouser pocket, where you’ve just had whatever else stored in before. Because seriously, that’s disgusting!

And yes… distance always trumps mask!  

Ugh! There hasn’t even been any major or minor gathering of people around my parts. Neither a bigger infection outbreak. I could be more relaxed. But I’m still or already pissed off by (too) many people in general. I’ve never been an overly social person, because I have too much social anxieties and such for that. I got better in the past few years, but now it feels like I’m regressing rapidly. I don’t like being out and near people. They scare me. And I don’t like it. But I guess, that’s what it is for now. Fuck COVID 19.  

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