24.06.2020 | Tired

Relaunch: Driving home for one hour in the car this afternoon made me ponder the potential relaunch of this space again. At the moment I’m once again very partial to the idea. With a different title than I considered two days ago. I’m beyond help.

Work: I might have not been the most productive at the office today (too tired), but the tasks I did work on went alright and so were the phone calls and conferences I took part in. No real “OMG I’m a fraud” moments, that’s always nice. I obviously didn’t feel as stressed as last week either.

COVID 19 in schools: In the city I work in, there have been 6 new cases in the past two days. All in different schools. Many classes and teacher now in quarantine. Most of them will be tested now and I guess we’ll see how much children spread it. It all still doesn’t fill me with confidence that opening up schools was a good idea.

Masks: I might be overreacting. Possibly. But still… Owners / managers of caf├ęs, restaurants, pubs etc: Can you please teach and/or order your servers and all your staff to wear the mask over mouth AND nose. It’s not that difficult. Because if you can’t abide to this really simple mask wearing etiquette, I start wondering how you handle all the other stuff like: Washing hands. Disinfect surfaces. You are not making me want to set a foot into your establishment to be honest. Your loss, not mine.

Sleep: Off to bed now. Knackered.

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