Merry Christmas 2001

I thought my friend S. might write about this before I do, but it looks like she isn’t home yet. Or didn’t plan to write about it…

A few years ago – 2000 and following to be exact – we were “working” as extras on our favourite TV sitcom a couple of times. It was a great experience: meeting our favourite actor/actress, being able to watch the filming and take part in it and even getting some money for it. Not much, but it was nice anyway. We talked to one of the makeup guys a lot and ran into him on another occasion (it would take too long to explain when and why), exchanged phonenumbers and adresses and he provided us with some more or less inside information :-) So that was pretty cool. He stopped working for the show in 2002 and we never heard from or saw him again. Well we DID see him on TV a few years later, but that’s a totally different and (for him) rather embarrassing story.

Anyway, because we were sort of acquaintance, we obviously decided to send him a christmas card once. It must have been in 2001 (the post stamp isn’t clearly visible), because we didn’t know him before and had no reason to contact him later. None of us remembered sending him the card in the first place. But we obviously did, because when I met my friend for lunch today she presented something she recently got in the mail. The christmas card: “Returned to sender because the addressee could not be found at this address”. We sent that card in 2001 !!! Where on earth did that envelope got stuck? And why didn’t the post company just discarded it, when they discovered it somewhere after all this time? Didn’t anyone think that it’s really pathetic to return something to sender after almost seven years? Seven years! It’s ridiculous really and I always doubted this “letter took a century to be delivered” reports. But now I’ve got proof. These things really happen. Unbelievable…

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