26.06.2020 | Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch – Changes…

I went ahead and did it.

New blog. New title. Similar design. Much less “baggage” – as in, which category to sort the post into and which tags to use and which feature photo. Not such a mess of photos in galleries (behind the scenes) It will hopefully be a bit more back to basics, whatever those actually were or are or will be. Yes, I probably could have achieved all this here in this space as well, but I felt like making a break and like giving myself a new start. The things a pandemic does to you, eh? 

Does it feel weird to give up this space here? A tiny bit. But I’m not closing it down or taking it offline (at least not for a while). I might even link to some older posts from the new blog, even though I don’t actually plan to. 

But I’m off to new shores so to speak. Or rather

“Back To Shore”

which is the new title. After a Frank Turner lyric. Duh! Of course. That won’t ever change, I guess :-) 

I wrote a tiny bit more on that on my new “About Me” Page. 

I hope to see you around (and if you use a feed reader etc., remember to change the RSS feed)

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