Miscellaneous, 2008/08/09

When I changed blog hosts and languages I was also determined to only publish substantial stuff on my blog, because writing in English takes even more time than writing the post itself takes anyway. I’m failing miserably with this I’m afraid. I want to tell and write about stuff, but it’s all just bits and pieces from my life and I’m wondering if anyone really is reading this all. But on the other hand, this all always was more about me telling things and not about someone reading about it :-)
I still wish I would come up with some more coherent and complete topics to write about every once in a while. I almost already published a post like this on Thursday, but was too tired, too lazy, too unmotivated to do so. Until now even more bits and pieces have piled up…


I had a work meeting yesterday afternoon / evening, so I couldn’t watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics in Bejing, but I taped the nightly rerun and watched it this morning. I really enjoyed it, it was a great show, with quite a few really impressive moments. I won’t get much stuff done during the next two weeks I’m afraid, because my TV or the online news ticker will be on all the time. It’s one of the few sport events that I really like to watch. Mostly anything of it really. And I always really enjoy seeing the giddy and happy athletes marching into the stadium because for them this really must be a monumental moment.


The work meeting went really well and I’m really glad we’re back to the everyday business after the summer break. It feels strange and bad to not be able to work because there is just not much work to do. It made me feel rather useless sometimes and that’s not the best feeling for someone with low self-esteem, even if not of it was my fault anyway. It just was a slow un-eventful month. It’s nice to have all the co-workers / bosses back on board after the break, because we usually get along very well and easy-going. And even when there is a lot of controversial stuff to discuss, meetings with this group are still fun most of the time. “Welcome to the first meeting after the summer break..” – “Oh, it was summer break?”


Olympics might not be the only thing keeping me from getting stuff done. Reading is taking up my time as well, because I finally started with the Bartimaeus Trilogy (in German translation) again, which took up so much space on my pending reads shelf.  (I just learned the term “pending reads” recently, by the way. I like it). I read the first part early last year, but wanted to wait with part two until the final part is available as well, because I tend to forget too much stuff from the first part. I bought the final part earlier this year, but never got around to start reading it all. And I actually do not remember much of the details from the first part, so that’s why I’m reading it again right now and I’m enjoying it immensly. The commentary from the Djnni himself is so much fun.

For a short moment I was tempted to put this first part back down and start reading the “Twilight” series instead. I haven’t heard anything of the “Twilight” series until a few days ago, when there were a couple of Twilight-related posts in a livejournal on my friends list. I thought it was something like Anne Rice’s vampire-thing, which I didn’t like too much and just skimmed these posts. I found it intrigueing that another book-series could cause such a hype though. Then I saw the movie trailer – totally by chance – and was intrigued even more and on a whim ordered the first two books (in English) via Amazon.
On Thursday I had to search for a book present for one of our co-workers and at the Mayersche bookstore there was a big “Breaking Dawn” stack just inside the foyer and some more stacks with the first three books on the upstairs floors. Twilight everywhere. Not as much hype as Harry Potter, but for something I didn’t even know existed until last week it definitely got a lot of attention. I was really tempted to start reading it now. But it would really mess up my pending reads schedule. (Told you, I like that term *g*)


There is still a term paper to write! *sigh* I really should start working on parts of it now instead of writing about my usual day-to-day life. Part of my day-to-day life is me still having problems with my back. It was better for a while and it felt even better when I got out of bed this morning without much trouble for the first time in days. But right now I’m not sure if it really is better. Standing and jumping for hours at concert tonight won’t really help either…


And finally the best news of this week: Thanks to many Grey’s Anatomy related sites I now know that there definitely will be a “McHouse” on Grey’s soon. At least the set for that already exists, which means there will be scenes shoot there. Meredith and Derek are really building the house and will be living there together. *squeeeeeeeeee* I can’t wait to see that. I’m wondering who will take over Mer’s room at the old house? Cristina? George? Lexie? George AND Lexie :-)? In less than seven weeks the show will be back and there are enough episodes of Chicago Hope or Dr. Who and also various books available to keep me busy until then…

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