Miscellaneous, 2009/09/09

I guess complaining about my busy life would be old news by now. At least today is a free evening for me and I should really use that to write a hopefully decent blog post. I feel kind of bad for not writing, even though there isn’t so much interesting stuff to write about. But still… it feels weird to fill the blog with a weekly project365 post only. Maybe doing Miscellaneous posts every once in a while will get my writing muse return :-)

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The Game On Diet is working out great for me so far even though last week was kind of a letdown. I lived by the rules more diligent than in the first week and got a lot more points than in the first week. I lost 3.5 lb in the first week, and almost another 2 lb in the beginning of the second week. But than I had Quesadillas Queso + a white caffe moccha for my “meal off” and gained some weight again. And I took the day off for a wedding and gained some more, even though I didn’t indulge at all. *sigh* At the end of the second week I weighed just as much as at the end of the first, which meant that I lost my alcohol privilege (the permission to drink alcohol on your day off or during your meal off). I don’t really mind that alcohol prohibition much, but of course I also didn’t get any bonus points (for 1% weight loss) last week and that really sucked. I felt so bad for my teammate, because she had a great score and than I had to mess it up :-(
But at least I’m doing great this week so far and once again lost some more. I’m already in the stage where the feeling of wearing certain clothes changes :-) I had a couple of jeans which did not fit perfectly anymore, but were a bit too tight. They fit wonderfully now. I really noticed the change when I put on my sweatpants and t-shirt in the gym this afternoon, because those pants definitely fit more loosely than before. It felt good :-)

My busy life still makes it more difficult to not have too long breaks between the meals but somehow I seem to manage most of the time. I got used to taking cutting some veggies every morning, put some vinaigrette on it and put it in a container to have some veggie lunch at the office. It’s only takes 2 minutes every morning and I will definitely try to keep that up after the game ended. And last week I started to go swimming as part of my exercise routine. I don’t swim very well and I only manage a ridiculously short distance of 500 m, which are 20x25m lanes (inside) or 10x50m lanes (outside), before I’m short of breath and my arms and legs feel really heavy. But it’s a change of exercise from the Kieser training or the “Core training” DVD I use at home.

° ° ° ° ° ° ° °

The recent weather is slightly confusing, isn’t it? I don’t mind the sunshine and temperatures around 25 °C, but it clashes with how soon it get’s dark in the evenings. And with having to wear fleece and warm socks in the evenings at home, because I refuse to turn on the heating yet. On the other hand: sunny weather just doesn’t fit to the start of the hockey season, because it’s ICEhockey after all :-) I’ll most probably go to the hockey game in Iserlohn on Friday and definitely will go to my first regular season game in Cologne on Sunday. It can all just be better than last year *g*

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After the goin to the gym I had to kill some time this afternoon, before I could get on my train back home. Because of the GameOn Session I had to muster all my willpower to not buy some icecream or a frappucchino at Starbucks or any other kind of unhealthy food. I bought some jewellery instead :-) A new ring and some more trollbeads for my bracelet. I even refrained from spending some time at the Mayersche bookstore because I still have tons of books I haven’t read yet and I shouldn’t put some more books on the SUB (Shelf of unread books). But then I still had some time to kill and there is a new Mayersche store at the central station and I just wanted to have a look around. I left the store with two new books, which I haven’t even heard of before, but the summary on the cover and the few first lines seemed so promising. If I only knew when I’ll find the time to read all the books on my shelf. When I left the store I was determined to update my list of unread/read books though and that’s what I’m going to do now, before I’ll turn of the computer and go to bed…

° ° ° ° ° ° ° °

I’m starting to be excited for the new season of Grey’s Anatomy. Not as excited as I was for earlier seasons, but still excited. It’s still my favourite show after all. And the first sneak peek makes me all giddy, because it’s such a funny scene. And yes, of course I notice that Patrick Dempsey looks hot when he’s (almost) naked. I just didn’t want you to think that’s the only reason I like the sneak peek. Because it’s not. Seriously *ggg* The sneak doesn’t really contain spoilers, at least none (who survived the season 5 finale) that you haven’t already read elsewhere. You have been warned if you follow the link to the youtube clip.

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