Tired & Lazy

I actually planned to write about yesterday’s Ingrid Michaelson concert, but I’m too lazy and tired to actually finish the half-completed post, so that has to be postponed till… Saturday, probably. And I already now I won’t have time to post tomorrow (what happened to the plan of writing posts in advance *sigh*?), so I can already announce I’ll have to pass on that one too. To write a daily post is harder than I thought it would be. Especially if you don’t want to report mundane and ordinary things…

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2 Responses to Tired & Lazy

  1. LJ says:

    It must have been a great concert to knock you out through Saturday ;)

    • liljan98 says:

      Well, if it were only that one concert :-) Just a busy, busy week. But I prefer that to the days when there is nothing going on and I’m left to think and worry too much. Being busy (with nice stuff) is much better

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