Returning To The Real (Old) “Jersey Shore”…

I remember that in 2007 I had no real plan where to spend my summer (or fall) vacation. I didn’t own a car, but I also didn’t want to travel with a group to some place. I wanted to be at the sea and see some beautiful coast or other landscape. I preferably wanted to travel to the UK or Ireland. So for the first time in ages I went to the travel agency to get some information and advice. The lovely lady behind the counter had the right idea and great advice and thus I booked a one week vacation on Jersey / Channel Islands via this agency. And I had the best of times!

Seven years later I’ve been in a similar situation. I hadn’t made vacation plans until now because my job situation hadn’t been settled (which it has now) and then I was so busy with campaigning stuff for the local elections. Last week I remembered my spontaneous visit to the travel agency in 2007 and went there again to get the British Isles catalogue. I admit that in my mind I was pretty set on Jersey again already, because I knew with the busy and sometimes stressful year (at work and elsewhere)  I need a relaxing vacation this year and returning to a place I know does help with that. As much as I enjoy new places and experiences, this time I long for the comfort of the familiar. And there will be enough new places to discover (or to re-visit) on Jersey as well. So after pondering on it for a few days and checking airfares and hotel deals (I realized it would be cheaper than booking the travel agency package) and talking to my coworker to make sure it’s possible to take time off in that week I was planning to, I booked flight and hotel yesterday. Yay!

In 2007 I was on the island during the Autumn Walking Week, which I hadn’t know about before, but it was great time to be there, because there were a lot of guided walks and tours and special stuff. With that in mind I choose the 2014 Walking Week for my vacation week on the island and I’m already really looking forward to it. I hope they still offer the trip to (and inside!) La Corbiere Lighthouse, because that was quite amazing in 2007. It’s might be my favourite lighthouse and I have seen in few in my travels :-)

I wrote a recap (in German) of my trip on my old blog, but as that’s offline I can’t like to it, but I still have all the photos of course and decided to share a few from the trip back then here as well. Not too many, because I will probably visit a lot of these places again this year and then you would have seen it all already :-) But to give you an idea why I’m quite excited about going back…

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