Hockey talk after a hockey week

I caught myself quite a few times over the last couple of days thinking “you have to write about this” but then I always remembered the deal with this blog was supposed to be “substance”. And momentarily bitching about some stuff that currently has happenend on that day (in that one moment) is rather the opposite. It’s still something I have to get used to, but so far I’m doing ok with it and found some other outlet for these kind of thoughts which I just have to put down somewhere.

This week’s has been insanely busy, with hockey most of all. It’s playoff time! Besides work, a local green party meeting on Monday and a regional meeting on Saturday afternoon, I went to see the Cologne Sharks first semifinal in Tuesday, watched the second semifinal on TV on Thursday and attend the Iserlohn Roosters hockey season farewell party on Friday. And had a great night with some friends last night as well, so… it was busy. Really busy. I didn’t get as much stuff done for school as I wanted to. And the next week will probably be just as busy. Not to mention that I’ll leave my home in about an hour to meet some friends for coffee in Cologne before I’ll see the third semifinal tonight. Continue reading

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