Cologne Sharks lost the final series :-(

It’s a sad, sad day today. Berlin won the fourth game and thus won the series with 3:1. In Cologne in our home arena. It’s bitter to lose the finals but to lose it at a home game and to see the other team get the Cup in YOUR arena is …. almost too much. Cologne definitely would have deserved a game five, because they fought so hard and got the lead with an awesome goal of “my” Sebastian Furchner. But Berlin tied with only 90 seconds left in the last period (again!). And they just were a bit luckier in overtime, because the overtime and the whole game was actually really balanced. Cologne fought a bit more and it was their home so they really really would have deserved to win this today! Damn!

The players were really crestfallen after the game, especially our goalie :-( He kept us in the playoffs so many times and I guess a sudden death goal in overtime is extra bitter for the goalie, because he can’t undo it with some great saves later on. Oh boy, this is so so sad! I can’t even tell you how sad it is. And what really really sucks, is that the season farewell party will take place on Tuesday, the only day of this week when I can’t be there! I wanted a last chance to say goodbye (even if not in a one-on-one personal talk) to some of the players who leave Cologne. And to celebrate the team and to thank them for really great playoff hockey and a great season. And now I can’t:-(((( I’ll probably spend the next few days moping!

And what do I have to see on Even the Habs might not make it to the next round? They led 3:0, how is it possible that Boston won three games in a row? Damn! I was so looking forward to Boston being elimnated, because then Marco Sturm definitely would be on Team Germany in Halifax right from the start and we really really need him. I thought the Habs were a safe candidate for round 2. And the Flames have to fight really hard to keep their chance tonight as well. It can’t be that I’m in Canada during the NHL playoffs without any Canadian team still participating… So please: Habs & Flames, don’t let me down !!!

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