Grey's 4×12 – "Where The Wild Things Are"

I made it a rule to not watch LOST at night, because that’s too scary :-) So I’ll do that tomorrow when there is daylight again and thus could watch Grey’s again tonight. And I have a lot to say about it, so beware, spoilers ahead…

That was probably the best birthday gift I got in a long time :-) Grey’s is back! Yay! And not only was the show back to the TV screen, it was back to being the show I get addicted to in Season 1 and 2. This episode was so entertaining from the first to the last moment and it was entertaining in so many ways: It was funny and touching and emotional and with some really crazy medical stuff happening. I just loved it. This is the show I fell for.

There were a few things I didn’t like as much as others, but it wasn’t anything that really annoyed me. Maybe my judgment is a bit biased because I’m so happy the show is back :-) Anyway, in random order: I was rather disappointed with Callie and how she treated Cristina. Cristina was a friend to her, when her marriage failed and her professional life got off track. She even let her move in. And I’m happy that Callie is the selfconfident, hot, kickass ortho chick again instead of the weak and whiny pathetic girl she was during the George/Izzie drama . But it was so rude to not invite Cristina to have a glass of wine with them. They were in Cristinas livingroom for God’s sake!
The chief / Alex scene seemed a bit out of context, why did the chief talk about the “underdog” in that moment? And why do we still not know much about Alex’s past? That was one of the “uh, he had a crappy childhood and that’s turned him into evil spawn” allusions. But it would be nice to finally know more about his past..
I still think Rose is a badly written character and that still bugs me. Not so much she as a person herself, but the fact that she so painfully obvious is supposed to represent the total opposite of Meredith. What bugged me though was the way that Derek so painfully obvious is supposed to be attracted to her for exactly that reason. It makes him so very not-dreamy at the moment, and I don’t know if that’s intended or if it’s just bad writing. “She’s waiting until we’re serious. She’s got morals. She’s a lady!” Lame writing aside, I really hope Derek only said that to stop the conversation with Mark and to avoid admitting why he really hasn’t slept with her yet. And the reason would be, that he’s just not that attracted to her, not like he was to Meredith anyway. Come on Derek, at least be honest to yourself. [Or writers, let him be honest to himself. Be honest with us]: Rose is the rebound (or maybe the rebound from the rebound, but still not “the one” for him). So I hope he didn’t mean what he said, because if Derek really thinks Rose is such a lady for not yet sleeping with him, what does he think about Meredith, who slept with him after just a couple of drinks? I try to blame it on the lame writing, but he definitely isn’t much of McDreamy at the moment. I just hope that he will realize that for himself during the next few episodes and starts groveling and admitting that he too is to blame for a lot of what went wrong in the Mer/Der relationship.
Another thing that bugged me a little was the idea of the clinical trial. I like the idea in general (see below), but it seemed a bit rushed to me. Meredith has one patient, does a tiny little bit of research and comes up with a solution to “save patients”. It was so… I don’t know, implausible.

But now to the fun stuff: The contest was an awesome idea. It was the right mixture of fun and banter and we haven’t seen our guys competing for something for a long time. Or ever? It was hilarious and so much fun to watch from start to finish. I loved that this was a traditional thing and that even the chief once took part. The way he kept score with the sutures was so funny. The whole zoo comments. And Bailey of course “Did you just yell at the chief?” I never expected that kind of prize, but of course the “sparkly pager” was the right prize for that kind of contest Very cool idea. I loved that Meredith won it (although her “Tumor!” yell was so rude. But it still was soooo funny as well!) I loved that she decided to not answer that page in the end, but instead decided to advance with her clincal trial idea, because it was more important to her.
I guess it’s time to talk about Meredith in that episode. I’m so proud of her! Well as proud as you can be of a fictional TV character. She really is trying to get ready. And maybe not getting ready for Derek anymore. But to get ready to deal with all her issues and to get ready to get the life she deserves. With or without Derek in it. She definitely is evolving, like she said in the closing VO and it’s about time, isn’t it? I just hope that Derek joins her in the evolutions process, because he has some issues to deal with himself and I really hope that the writers will let him. It wasn’t all just Meredith fault. How can he starts dating again and thinking about maybe getting serious with Rose, just days after he broke up with the “wanna die in your arms, when I’m 110” love of his life? His sister was probably right, when she said he has never been alone, he probably really doesn’t know how to. He’s got issues too and I want to see him work through them.
Back to Meredith: I just loved the way this episode started: 3rd therapy session and she hasn’t said a word. That’s just something I think is totally in character :-) I liked that with all her trying to cope with the breakup and trying to evolve, you could still see how painful the whole situation is for her. And how difficult it is for her to admit that she’s got problems. Great perfomance from Ellen Pompeo.

The medical cases usually mirror the surgeons life in one way or another, but I still haven’t figured out yet how to interpret the “rebound girl” story. Does Meredith think Rose is Derek’s rebound and is she scared that he might get serious with Rose? Or does she think that she was Derek’s rebound girl after Addison and that sooner or later the other shoe dropped for her as well. And not just Addison showing up but all the crap Derek (and life, I have to admit) put her through in the last few months? The whole bear attack case was medical stuff of the kind I like. Really unusual and really serious, but still not too much blood and life support machines and all that stuff. It wasn’t too much medical stuff, but not to little either. And there were great moments, I mean the guy had a hole in his hand!

Meredith and Derek? It was so sad that the really didn’t talk to each other at all and that George had to act as messenger. I loved that Meredith was the mature one who stopped with the ignoring and who started trying to re-establish some professional relationship with him. I loved that she found something else to engage in and that she was willing to make some sacrifices for it. Like missing a cool surgery and like stopping to avoid Derek. She definitely is evolving and I love it. And I think he was impressed by her work and her idea as well. At least he better be…

Who else was there? Izzie. I was so annoyed with her in the last few episodes, but I didn’t dislike her in this one. She was the old Izzie again, letting herself getting carried away a bit, but still being the good and responsible person in the end. I loved her speech about the wrong instincts because she really wasn’t much of the old Izzie during all the George/Izzie drama. George and Lexie and her crapartment? How hilarious was that? Ok, the crappy state of the place was probably a bit overdone, but I just loved how Lexie stole all the stuff from the hospital and doing it in such a natural way. The Mer/Lexie moment was nice (oh, and how immature did Rose act in that scene? Yeah, I know lame writing. And I would bet no surgical patient remembers or even gets to know the scrub nurse. She is the scrub nurse in the OR when the patient is already put under. Lame, lame writing ). One of my favorite dialogues definitely was: “I just wish you would have stolen a TV.” – “I tried, but they are bolted to the wall.” I’m so happy George and Lexie got each other, because I felt bad for George during the whole contest thing, in which he couldn’t take part. He had some great lines though: “Sometimes an ankle is just an ankle…”

One of the many many highlights of course were Derek and Mark. I didn’t like Mark when he joined the staff of SGH in season 3, but he has proven to be a real enrichment. He has great lines and it’s always fun to watch his banter with somebody. I’m so curious how he will persue Erica Hahn in the future and he definitely is a great sidekick for Derek. He could have never had scenes like this with Burke. Does anyone miss Burke, by the way? I don’t. So, Derek and Mark. Mark’s idea of their own contest. The “I’m a worse human being for knowing you” line. And the elevator scene. OMG wasn’t that funny and touching and “warm and fuzzy” :-) and just perfect? Such an awesome scene. I really loved it. And I loved Mark for his disapproval of Rose. And for trying to reassure Meredith. He has turned out to be a great friend to both Meredith AND Derek.

Well, like I said before: I really enjoyed this episode. It was the Grey’s I missed for most of this season and for part of the last one as well. I’m looking forward to the next few episodes (Addie’s return and the preview already looked great) especially with the knowledge that it will all end well. Yay!

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