Playoff Final! Yay!

I’m afraid this will be a rather incoherent post. The Cologne Sharks made it to the playoff finals! Woooooohoooo! It’s their first since 2003 and I’m already freaking out. Unfortunately I couldn’t watch tonight’s (glorious ?) victory against Frankfurt, neither in the arena nor on TV because I had to work. Every month I have about one work appointment in the evening and of course it had to be on a playoff game night. Argh! But they won without my direct support (just like they lost the last two games although they had my support, so my support might not be crucial for any game’s result. *g*) Anyway…. they won tonight! And I missed it :-( Bro #3 recorded it, and watching parts of it will probably one of the first things I do tomorrow on my new regular day off. The very first thing will be to sleep in :-)

They made it to the finals! Yay! And while I’m sitting here in my apartement, with the heating on and some hot chocolate cappucchino,  Hai_di and another hockey friend are queing at the ticket shop at the Cologne Arena. I talked to her on the phone almost an hour ago and there were about 60 persons in front of her. I have a really bad conscience that she has to spend so much more time there after the game to buy our tickets. And then she still has a one-hour drive home ahead of her and she has to work tomorrow. And I’m sitting here…But at least she was able to watch the game and it must have been really tight and exciting and nervwrecking. But which deciding game in an playoff series isn’t?

I still have to get down from the high and I haven’t even seen the game or watched any clips yet. I’ll definitely have to stay up to watch the sports report at 12.15 pm. And maybe I’ll get another post up, which I actually planned on writing tonight…

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