Miscellaneous, 2008/04/21

I so do NOT need a cold right now! obviously my immune system hates me (well yes, it attacks my CNS every once in a while, but that’s a totally different story). Usually my immune system and me get along very well. But not right now. I felt a little off balance already yesterday, but it was hockey day, so I decided to not pay too much attention to my scratchy throat. Being at the hockey game, shouting, singing, cheering and screaming probably didn’t do much good for my throat though.
I spent last night and today with hot lemon, hot soup, lots of liquids, cough drops, Meditonsin (a homeopathatic medicine for a beginning cold) and a throat compress, altough I still doubt that the compress is really helping. But it can’t make it worse. I don’t feel so sick, that I want to stay in (or go back to) bed, although I probably should get back into bed anyway and try to sleep or something. But that’s usually the hardest part for me, when I’m sick. Unless I’m really really sick, than I don’t want to get up at all. I rested a lot today though and I’ll go to bed early to get lots of sleep. It gets in the way of the getting ready for Canada plans, but I can’t help it. I don’t want to go to Canada not feeling fit.


I used the resting time today to finally watch the latest two episodes of October Road. Is it still not sure if the show will come back? It would be really sad, if it didn’t because I hate unfinished storylines. Especially when the couple I’m rooting for is in such a bad place, relation-wise. They can’t just let it end like this. Some storylines came full circle with this finale, that wasn’t too bad, but I still would hate to have it all end like this.


The Flames won last night and the series is tied again. Game 7 will bring the decision as well as it will for the Habs tonight. Well tomorrow morning, considering the time lag. Anyway I really really hope both team will make it to round two. Otherwise I wouldn’t know for which team I should root when I’m watching playoffs in Canada. Colorado Avalance? Detroit Red Wings? NY Rangers? Pittsburgh Penguins? Dallas Stars? I don’t know anything about Colorado or Detroit or Pittsburgh. Geoff Stults (Eddie Latekka from “October Road”) is rooting for Detroit (and writing a NHL Celebrity blog about it), but that’s not really reason enough for me.
I could never ever root for the Dallas Stars. Hockey is a winter sport and teams in states with an average 15 °C during the winter months shouldn’t be allowed to have a hockey team! Seriously. Stick to Basketball, Baseball, Football and all that stuff. NY Rangers is one of the big names in hockey, at least it’s one of the hockey team’s I’ve heard of before I started to look into the NHL in more detail. Of course there would also be Boston Bruins and/or San Jose Sharks if the Habs and Flames don’t make it. Marco Sturm is playing for Boston and quite a few other German players are playing for San Jose. And as I’m a fan of the Cologne Sharks there is some relation, at least in the name. Still, I would prefer the Canadian teams to win the series. And the German players able to join Team Germany right away. :-)


I spent some time today compiling the music to put on my mobile phone / mp3 player, to take with me to Canada. I chose quite a few from Grey’s and while I browsed through this music folder I realized that I do remember lot of the scenes where the music was played from the first two seasons. But not so much from season 3 and 4. I don’t know if that’s because I was so much more addicted to the show in the beginning. Or if I wasn’t just that interested in the whole music / show package in the end, because the storylines were getting so uninspiring? Talking about Grey’s, I still have to edit last week’s episode from German TV.


I’ve only just been in North America once and that’s been 13 years ago. So I haven’t been flying long distance in a long long time and all this makes me a bit more nervous than I usually am before any vacation. I haven’t even been on vacation longer than a week for a long long time too. Of course I’ve had longer vacations in the sense of taking time off work, but I usually spend some of these weeks at home and never more than a week away. So two weeks now complicates packing a little bit.
And I’m way too worried that something might go wrong with the e-tickets and passports and all the important stuff you have to have with you. I’ll have copies of everything in my carryon or my suitcase and probably a digital backup on my mail providers online storage. Or on my mobile’s memory card. Or both. Yes, I know I’m a bit insane.

I think the last Canada Trip thing I’ll do tonight is to gather and check the adresses of the people who I want to send postcards to. A holiday postcard is a good way to apologize for not being in touch for months on end :-)


Did I ever mention here that I just LOVE “The Killers”? I bought Hot Fuss and Sam’s Town sometime last year and had the songs on my playlist quite a while. But then somehow other music took their place and just a short while ago I re-discovered this band. And boy, do I love them. Not “them” personally *g*, because all I know about them is that the band is from Vegas and that there are four members. I wouldn’t recognize anyone if I ever ran into them. Yesterday I found out that they released a B-side / Rarities album last year. I definitely have to buy that soon. I just love their sound. And their lyrics. Can anyone come up with a cooler line as “I’ve got soul, but I’m not a soldier”? And the first 20 seconds of “Change your mind” always make me just really bouncy. Literally.


And I guess now I should bounce into the kitchen, have some dinner (maybe some soup again), and then get the novel I’m currently reading, wrap myself into a warm blanket, retreat to my cosy arm chair and travel back in time to the 1470s in England an the war of roses…

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3 Responses to Miscellaneous, 2008/04/21

  1. Heimathafen HH says:

    Oh je, Du Arme! Ich drücke ganz fest die Daumen, dass das Meditonsin seine Wirkung tut und Du bis Canada wieder richtig auf dem Damm bist!

  2. liljan98 says:

    Danke… Im Moment hat es sich aus dem Hals in die Stirnhöhle verlagert, ich hoffe mal morgen/übermorgen ist es wieder ganz weg. Bis dahin vegetiere ich hier vor mich hin :-)

  3. Heimathafen HH says:

    Oh man, das hört sich echt sch*** äh…mistig an!!! Ruh’ Dich schön aus, ich schicke liebe Besserungswünsche :-))

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