Stay away from the penalty box, Todd!!

When the first game of the playoff final was over (and lost!) I wanted to grab Todd Warriner, shake him and yell at him about his stupid penalties. But he was in Berlin and I was at home in front of the TV, so that just wasn’t possible. Too bad! But it was so frustrating, because the game was really balanced with only a few penalties and the 1:1 tie for the first 50 minutes was justified. In the last period the Polarbears (Berlin) made a bit more pressure and the Sharks hardly got into the attacking zone. Berlin scored the 2:1 with only 7 minutes left and I was starting to get really really nervous. But Thank God for Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiivan Ciernik, who scored the 2:2 with only two minutes left.

So the game went into overtime and Todd took a penalty after just one minute. And Berlin used this powerplay to score the winning goal. Stupid Todd! Stupid, stupid! All in all Berlin took only two penalties, both in the first period, whereas Cologne took seven, and Tood took three of them. Plus a misconduct. And the very one in the ovetime. The really sad thing is, that he usually isn’t playing like that. And I like him, so I don’t want to be mad at him for his stupidity. But I am. It was SOOO stupid, Todd!

Now the Sharks have to win their home game on Tuesday, otherwise the hockey season might be over way too soon for us.

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