Back and dead tired…

I’m back. And I’m dead tired. I thought about maybe watching Grey’s again tonight, but it’s totally out of question. Except for 45 minutes + 3 x 15 minutes on various planes I haven’t slept in over 30 hours. And even these 90 minutes were not really refreshing. I have difficulties typing (and even worse I’ve obviously got used to the english keyboard and now got lot of typos on my one!). I still have to wait for the first load of laundry to be done and then I’ll go to bed. I already deleted all the spam mails, partly sorted my real mail, talked to my mom of course and now I’m copying all of my over 300 photos to my harddrive. I guess I’ll spend tomorrow trying to catch up on blogs and journals and Grey’s fanfictions (there already are zillions of new chapter notifications mails). And I really want to rewatch Grey’s again soon and review the episodes like I used to. Not in that length and details though, because I’d also have to review LOST and there will be new episodes in just a couple of days. I really enjoyed both episodes of both shows though. Grey’s was awesome and just like in 4×12 I felt thoroughly entertained troughout the whole episode. Mark, Bailey, the patients’ stories, George and Lexie. Addison!!! And of course Mer/Der. Ellen Pompeo is just doing an amazing job! And Paddy is not bad either :-) But I’ll get to that tomorrow I guess. Or sometime during the night, if I wake up due to my messed up sleep rhythm.

And of course I have to write about my awesome, unbelievably cool trip to Canada. I had such a great time and didn’t wanted to leave. I LOVED it! Freakingly loved it! And there’s so much to tell. And pictures to show. But I guess I’ll do that bit by bit during the week and spend tomorrow at my mom’s to show the pictures and to tell her even more than I already did this afternoon.

I wrote some posts on my livejournal while I was in Canada, but it was to complicated to update this blog as well, because there were so many people waiting for the only internet computer in the hotel, so I didn’t really have that much time.

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6 Responses to Back and dead tired…

  1. graefin says:

    Hi there! Welcome back! I already received your postcard a few days ago and wanna say a BIG THANKS!
    Hamburg during Pentecost was also wonderful! I got sunburned today (outch) while watching the ships leave the harbour for Hafengeburtstag.

  2. liljan98 says:

    Thanks. I still have to catch up on a lot of stuff online and offline and I hate having to go to work tomorrow.

  3. graefin says:

    I’ve the week off. Almost. I have to work on Friday and then next week on Monday and Saturday!

  4. Heimathafen HH says:

    Willkommen zurück! Gegen den Arbeitsfrust hilft nur eines: schnell die Urlaubsbilder in ein Onlinealbum stellen und Stunden damit verbringen, in den schönen Erinnerungen zu schwelgen :-))

  5. liljan98 says:

    Bevor ich ein Fotobuch zum Kanada Urlaub mache, muss ich erst mal noch die Urlaubsbilder von Norderney 2006, Sizilien 2007 und Jersey 2007 in ein Fotobuch packen. Das kann alles dauern… :-)

  6. Heimathafen HH says:

    Hihi – kenn ich! Habe seit Monaten NY und Rom ’07 auf dem Schreibtisch liegen, sie sollen in ein richtiges Album… Naja, Juni ’09
    habe ich es dann bestimmt geschafft…

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