Extraordinary together

xcvlsdfgsdfdsofh…. That’s the only thing my totally incoherent mind can come up with after this episode. And of course…

OH. MY. GOD! I love this show!

I’ll try to be back with a more coherent review of the Grey’s finale, but I’m not sure when I will find time to write that. Watchting the episode over and over again will keep me busy (along with the all the other totally ordinary things I still have or want to do)

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4 Responses to Extraordinary together

  1. graefin says:

    ahhh I still haven’t found the episode on the net!!!

  2. graefin says:

    OMG, this ONE last scene! I’ve already shed enough tears during this episode.

    (i was somehow reminded of Dr.Quinns Washita episode…remember the scene when Mike comes in the not yet finished house and discovers the bed?! *g*)

  3. liljan98 says:

    I remember the episode and the scene only vaguely… which makes me a little sad, because I used to know most of the DQMW episodes by heart. In another fandome phase of my life…

  4. graefin says:

    I watched it a few days ago ;)

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