I’m such a Paddy fangirl *sigh*

A couple of weeks ago I was looking for the german DVD release date of “Enchanted”. I probably found out that the DVD would come out in early May, but then forgot about it, because I knew I would be in Canada then. So I’m not that Paddy-crazy after all :-)
This afternoon in the supermarket I was on my way to the checkout, when I saw the Enchanted DVD on a rack. Lots of Enchanted DVDs actually. I suddenly remembered the May release and immediately grabbed one from the rack. I didn’t even check the price, but hold on to it tightly and went to the checkout in an insanely giddy mood. I didn’t recognize myself. Well… I did in some way, I mean I KNOW that I can be a rather crazy and spontaneous fangirl every once in a while. And I wouldn’t have gotten it for cheaper price at Amazon or elsewhere anyway, as I found out later.

I already watched some of the bonus features, unfortunately there only are a few, bloopers and deleted scenes and such. Anyway I’m so looking forward to watch that movie again, because it was so different from the usual Disney movies. It was so-over-the-top sometimes that it was really really funny. And Paddy looking like he did in that movie certainly doesn’t hurt.

I also came across a nice Paddy interview in a gay (?) magazine, promoting Made of Honor. The part which made me grin widely was the last question:

What’s the oddest thing you’ve done with your character’s action figure from Disney’s Enchanted?
It’s not so much what I have done but what my friends have done with the doll — and then sent pictures of to my cell phone. They’ve put the doll in various sexual positions with other dolls — with Barbie and Ken.

Well, well, that’s some “friends” he’s got there :-)

So I’ll really have to squeeze this one into my long list of “to-watch-soon” DVDs, TVshows and other recorded stuff.

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