Let's talk about sex… :-)

I cleaned my apartement and my patio, finally put the flowers into the flowerbed and keep my fingers crossed that they will survive my lack of gardening talent. After all of that I actually wanted to start ironing all the loads of laundry from last and this week. This got postponed by my attempt to finally get back into some kind of study routine. The Energy 1 paper is due in two weeks and I hadn’t worked on it for a month. There are just two assignments left for me to work on, because I have no idea how to solve the remaining two. I finished the first and probably will do the other one tomorrow, so that I can revise the paper on the weekend.

And then I found a new Grey’s sneak and had some dinner and I might finally start ironing now. Great way to spend a evening, right? No, not really. At least the one sneak was really really cute.

A teenage girl (patient) asks about sex:

Girl: I mean, you’ve done it, right?
Derek: With each other?
Meredith: He’s d… He’s done it and I’ve done it.
Girl: What’s it like? Is it magical?
Derek: Yes.
Meredith: Can be.
Derek: With the right person.

*sigh* I’m so looking forward to tomorrow morning…

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