Truth about DVRs

I bought the latest issue of the German Vanity Fair yesterday to cheer me up. I usually don’t buy these kind of magazines but only just skim through them at the dentist’s waiting room or the hairdresser. But I bought this one and the Paddy pictures and story definitely cheered me up. The rest of the magazine? Vanity Fair as I expected it. There was a piece about digital videorecorder (with a harddrive) which made me laugh though. I have to cite the original in German as well, I guess, because it might lose something in the translation:

Satz, der durch den Festplattenrekorder verschwindet: “Ich spul mal kurz zurück.”
Satz, der bleibt: “Oh nein, er hat es nicht aufgenommen!”
Satz der kommt: “Das meiste auf der Platte hab ich noch nie gesehen.”

Phrase, which will be lost due to DVR: “I’ll just rewind quickly.”
Phrase, which will stay: “Oh no, the recording didn’t work!”
Phrase of the future: “I haven’t seen most of the stuff on my hard drive.”

The last one is SO true for me. I’ve got stuff recorded almost two years ago, which I haven’t watched yet. It has been on TV several times after I’ve recorded it and I still haven’t watched it. I’m a lost case…

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