8 random things about me…

Yesterday I was tagged by a fellow Grey’s fan with this…

1. Each player starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.
2. People who are tagged, write a blog post about their own 8 random things, and post these rules.
3. At the end of your post you need to tag 8 people.

#1 I’m really picky about food. Vegetables to be exact. There are those which I love and can and will eat anytime, but there are also quite a few, which I’d prefer not to eat, if I can avoid it. Or at least if I can push them to the side of the plate without to many people noticing.

When I love a TV show, and I mean really, really love, it can (and did and probably will again) happen, that I watch some (favorite) scenes or episodes over and over again. I don’t intend to know the dialogue by heart, but it’s inevitable and thus I could and still can recite quite a lot scenes from different TV shows.

I’m a nocturnal person. Sadly my working hours and the live-work rhythm of the rest of the nation (like opening hours) clashes with that. If it were up to me, I would go to bed around 2 am and get up around 10 am. I did most of my learing and preparing for tests during my university years at night. It took some time to get over my bad conscience when I enjoyed the summer outside during the day. I couldn’t have put my mind to learning anyway, so I didn’t even try. I learned at night and it all went fine.

#4 In the early 90s I was a huge fan of the Swedish popduo Roxette. Before they formed Roxette Marie and Per were successful popstars in Sweden, singing in Swedish. I bought all of their swedish music as well and learned the basics of that language in the inconvenient way to translate all the lyrics with the help of a dictionary and a grammar book. This rudimentary knowledge of the swedish language were one of the reasons I choose Stockholm to spend a term abroad in 1997/98, because I didn’t wanted to go to England and neither wanted to learn yet another language to get along at a foreign university. I took some real swedish language classes before I went and even some in Stockholm. But my ability to speak or write Swedish vanished quickly after my return. I still understand almost everything I read and a lot of what I hear in Swedish.

#5 Throughout my teenage years until my mid-twenties I was clearly overweight. Heavily overweight, because I just ate too much and didn’t do much or no sport and I don’t even want to go into the psychological reasons for any of it. I always told myself I didn’t mind, what I looked like, but of course that wasn’t true. I also told myself I would never be able to loose weight, so what would be the point anyway. Which wasn’t true either. One day I met someone how lost a lot of weight and I realized, it’s possible, even for me.
From one day to another (in May 1999) I followed a very strict diet and started to exercise. I went swimming regulary and really watched over my food intake. Looking back on it, I was was probably borderline of an eating-disorder. I lost 20 kg (44 lbs) in five months and went from a BMI of 36.1 to 28.7. Which still is overweight, but at least not obese. I kept that weight for a few years, had a slip up during writing my thesis, but then I found out how much fun riding a bike can be and got back to the minus 20 stage. I kept that weight ever since. Well I gained a few pounds over the winter, but it doesn’t really trouble me. Yet :-)

#6 My cell phone’s got five different ringtones (mp3) for different groups of callers: a) my family, b) special group of friends (fandom related), c) co-workers and bosses, d) anyone related to my local politics stuff e) everyone else.

#7 I didn’t drank coffee until I was in my late twenties. I still prefer something flavoured (e.g. Starbucks) to the plain coffee, milk and sugar.

I loved the mini-series “Anne of Green Gables”, which was shown on German TV in 1986. I got the first book as a christmas present the same year and the other books as presents during the next few christmases and/or birthdays. I think I even bought the last few ones with my pocket money. I was so impressed by the story and Prince Edward Island that in my early teenage years I got the travel guides from the public libary on a regular basis and indulged in dreaming about traveling there one day. Or even better: get a summer house. Get a house. Move to P.E.I. Until today I really haven’t written off going there for a vacation one day :-)

I won’t tag 8 other people though, because I think most blogger already did this. But if anyone wants to do this, just consider yourself tagged.

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