Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Actually I planned to watch the first three parts once again before I watch part 4, but somehow I didn’t get around to do it. Even though they were shown on German TV in May. So I had to go and meet Indie again without refreshing my memory first. Which was fine anyway, because you didn’t need to know much about the other adventures. It was fun either way. I enjoyed this move immensely, because it took me back to my early teenager years, when I saw “the last crusade” in the movies with some friends. And watched part 1 & 2 on video with the same friends during our movie nights on Saturday nights.

The “Crystal Skull” was just as entertaining as I expected an Indiana Jones movie to be. Adventurous, with stereotype bad guys (at least their weren’t bad german Nazis anymore *g*), exotic (indian) enimies, exotic animals (insects), a wild chase through an exotic location. And still light and funny and just very entertaining. Of course some of the events and the whole plot actually was very far-fetched, but weren’t they all? That’s part of the fun of it. So, anyone who enjoyed the the movies in the 80s, should definitely watch this one to. For the sake of the good old times. Almost 20 years ago. *sigh* I’m really getting old…

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