Killers in Cologne … YAY!

This has to be the week of insanely spontaneous decisions. Which might be the only thing keeping me sane in an stressful week. I hope I’ll find the time and ease to blog about some things tomorrow. Like the impossibility to even get a glimpse of all that London has to offer in mere three days. My plan for the London weekend seems awfully packed, and I’m not even planning on going into a museum or gallery or… well, there is too much to see and do in London, I can assure you.
Reason for this late-night jubilant post: Around 0.45 am I checked my feedreader for the last time, before I turn off the computer. One title immediately got my attention. It was on the feed from The Killers and said: The Killers to perform at Roncalliplatz in Germany on August 9th, 2008. OH.MY.GOD! As fast as my shaky hands let me use mouse and keyboard I checked the link to the ticket service, checked my calendar and mere 10 minutes later I had bought a ticket to see The Killers in Cologne in about seven weeks. *squeeeeeeeeeeeee*

How did I live without internet 10 years ago ?!?!? You had to find out about the concert, you had to find out where to get tickets and you had to go somewhere (=big metropolitan city, because there was no ticket shop in our small suburbian town) to buy the ticket. And now, just a few clicks and … I AM GOING TO SEE THE KILLERS IN CONCERT! “If somebody told me…” that just a few days ago. I’m almost jumping up and down right now, because it’s one of my concert dreams come true. Yay!

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3 Responses to Killers in Cologne … YAY!

  1. anni says:

    LUCKY! i hate you

  2. anni says:

    it mustve been fun and brandon richard flowers is sexy

  3. liljan98 says:

    Don’t hate me… there will be a report today :-) It was a lot of fun.

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