LOST 4.16 – 4.17 – "There's No Place Like Home 2 & 3"

It’s not going to be a real LOST review. It can’t be, because it would take days to untangle all the thoughts and questions on my mind. All in all I really liked these two episodes and how this season ended.

There were some big surprises like Jack coming up with the idea to lie about the crash and the island. I was convinced that either Ben or Widmore would force them to lie as part of a deal to rescue them in the first place. Penny was a HUGE surprise and I was so happy for Desmond and her. I wished they would have answered a few more questions, like when and how does Christian Shepherd return to the mainland and Jack’s life, because we already know that he did come back and not just as a ghost. Did Jin and Michael really die on the freighter? Do Sawyer and Juliet believe that Jack, Kate and the rest died in the explosion? Sawyer, oh my god, he really did jump! The things you do for love. Raise your hand if you didn’t think of “Cool Water” and grinned when he got back to the beach ;-).

How will the rest of the Losties + Daniel, Charlotte and Miles get along the Locke and his Others? Charlotte sort of admits she was born on the island or at least she thinks she was, when she talks to Daniel on the beach. That’s going to be an interesting story and it might give us some more information about Dharma and the group Ben belonged to before he killed them. Or it may not as this is the show of the unanswered questions :-)

How did the island move and where to? In time or in space? Or not at all? I watched that scene and the orientation video again and it says that the object only appears to have disappeared. They were not supposed to put metal into the vault, but they did anyway. What did that do to the island? Did that mean the whole island was exposed to the same force as usually just the bunny is? But then it would have to disappear for a moment in that moment? But it only did when Ben turned that wheel, in the bad impersonation of Indiana Jones, I have to add. Sorry, that whole scene was just ridiculous. And I still haven’t quite understood the connection between the metal in the vault and turning the wheel. But I think the island didn’t really move in space, but just in time and maybe really only just for a short moment, long enough for the people in the helicopter to believe it did in fact disappear. But of course it all could be totally different and I just might understood it all wrong. And these were just a few of the my questions…

I still really like the changed way of storytelling with not knowing what will lead to the events in the flashforwards. But I dislike – even more than last season – that there are way to many new unanswered questions. That there is way too much new science and sci-fi stuff. And I have to admit that I don’t like the feeling that the whole big mystery about the island and who wants to find it or protect it for whatever reasons and just about everything starts to get to complicated for my taste. What happened to the good old days, when you only had to agonize over things like “4 8 15 16 23 42” :-)

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