Work, football and phone numbers

A Fresh start into a new week and I was rather busy at work this morning. Maybe not really busy, as I had time to check mails and journals and blogs and message boards every once in a while. But at least I wasn’t that bored that I could start to post something to my blog. Is it weird that I feel good about having something to do at work? No, not at all, because I definitely don’t want to risk bore-out-syndrome :) I left an hour early, because I have to this mindmap thing. As I can’t install any software at the office computer (because our office is part of a larger computer network and we’re not allowed to install anything) I have to do that work from home, which I will in a few minutes.

The EURO 2008 finale last night sucked. Not just did the Germans play extremly bad and Spain won righfully. But most of all, because we couldn’t watch the game on the big screen at the Dortmund Westfalenhalle with 12.000 crazy German football fans. When we arrived, about 40 minutes after the gates were opened, there still was a huge crowd waiting outside. I never would have thought that there were so many people that early, but obviously I was wrong. The crowd moved forward every few minutes for a few tiny steps, as only a few more people were allowed to enter the arena. And about 30 minutes later there was the announcment that the arena was full and we all should please leave the premises. Great! We thought about trying to find a few seats in a bar near to the arena, but we don’t know our way around Dortmund and most of the bars would have been crowed at that time of the night anway. So all we could do was to drive 30 minutes to get back home and catch the start of the game on TV at home. We really wanted to see the finale in a huge crowd and celebrate with thousands of fans and then we had to watch it on Hai_di‘s couch. Bummer! :-( And so was the performance of the German team.

Something about last night is worth telling though: I gave my number to a guy I met in the crowd. OMG what was I thinking *g*? We just talked for a few minutes and then he asked for my number, which doesn’t happen to me that often. At least not with some random guy I just met somewhere . And I usually don’t give my number to someone I’ve just talked a few words with. But then I thought: It can’t hurt, right? Although he seemed a couple of years younger and he smoked. Which usually are should be two reasons for me to not give him my number.
But he asked persistently and he was nice enough, so I just did. After we exchanged numbers we talked a bit more about work and I almost regretted giving him my number :-) I’m afraid there might be a huge gap education wise. I’m not sure and it shouldn’t bother me that much, because I know a lot of really great people without a college degree or something. But my first thought was “Oh NO! What did I do?” Then I was a bit irritated with myself, because I really don’t want to be that bigheaded. And after that I started to question why he asked for my number in the first place. Talking about low self-esteem galore.
I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what will happen. If he will ever call. And what I will do if he does. In the meantime I will try to stop fretting about it and just follow Insepctor Lynley’s advice from one of the TV movies: Life would be a lot simpler, if you just let it happen.

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3 Responses to Work, football and phone numbers

  1. juliane says:

    hey :)

    I just saw the link to your page on the greysmcboard…and I had to read your latest blog.
    and I have to say I can really relate to what happened to you when you wanted to watch the game because the exact same thing happened to me…I didn’t get into the westfalenhalle for the first half of the game either… but you and your friends should have just went down to the stadium and watch the game in “rote erde” or in the bar next to it…that’s what we did, and in half time we went back to the westfalenhalle and got in(!!!) so we were able to watch the second half of the game there… though that wasn’t worth too much…
    really disappointing game I have to say….and I am still suffering from my post-em down…

    kind regards and all that ;)

  2. liljan98 says:

    A fellow German on the McBoard. Hallihallo :) We didn’t know we could have watched the game at the stadium or in a bar next to it, as we don’t know our way around Dortmund. Or that part of it at least.
    And looking back I’m relieved that I didn’t have to deal with frustrated fans on the parking lot after the game… :)

  3. juliane says:

    jap, hallo :)

    that is true…though I didn’t know either but the police told us where to watch the game, whenever they wouldn’t let us in….

    the atmosphere wasn’t angry or violent after teh game… everyone was just sad and disappointed… but peaceful and also proud… we actually continued celebrating almost as if we had won ;)

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