Close to collapse

I expected this day to be a ordinary start into an ordinary week at work. Not too stressful (it’s summer break after all), but I had some things I wanted to start working on. And I thought that I might (or probably would) be able to even do some not-work-related stuff like look into some material for my term paper, finally write the blog post about the Killers Top 10 and things like that.

When I approached my office on the top floor of the building I was already greeted by the janitor and some one from administration. And the floor was strangely busy. It turned out that during the building / roof repairs last week (which made me leave my office early on Thursday because it was too loud to be working) they discovered severe damages to the roof, which might damage the rooms’ ceiling sooner or later. In other words: There is the small chance that the offices ceilings could collapse any time soon. Which of course meant we wer not allowed to be in the offices anymore. Craftsmen are going to tear down the ceiling and check the whole roof for damages and repair them and then put the ceiling back up. According to the administration departement, this will take about 8 – 10 weeks.
Thank god there are always a few vacant offices somewhere, but it still requires a lot of logistics to pack up all books and files and folders and lamps and coffee makers and all that stuff from a couple of offices and move them to some other place. At least the computer and phone was set up around noon, because it feels weird to be offline. Especially when you have got nothing to do, because you’ve already boxed up everything. But while I’m waiting for the movers to get all my boxes to my new temporary office, I can at least write about it… :-)

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