Free music from Matthew Perryman Jones

I heard the song “Save You” on the ABC show “Private Practice” sometime last year and I was hooked at once. So I searched the internet for the singer, found him on myspace , listened to some more of his songs and liked these as well. I was able to download the album “Throwing Punches in the Dark” during a trial membership of some music site and loved it.
I planned on buying the album on CD in Canada, as I thought it should be in the stores there somewhere. But it wasn’t so, I ended up ordering it online after all :-) I’ve subscribed to his blog, so when I read that the forthcoming album “Swallow the Sea” can be pre-ordered I did that at once and now I’m impatiently waiting till the end of August for it’s release and shipment.

But at least now anyone can download the first album for free (if he tells three friends about it) or to download it and pay anything he likes. Which is a pretty cool offer I think. Unfortunately wordpress won’t let me embed the cool widget, so I just give you the link…


And now I’ll finally log into his new site “Breaking Out the Windows” to get some more information and preview snippets and all the exciting stuff a site for not-yet-released album has to offer…

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