London Calling… finally :-)

For the last couple of days I thought of April, when I checked the BBC 5-days forecast for London. It changed about twice a day and ranged from light rain showers to sunshine to heavy showers. And that was just the forecast for Friday. It seems they’ve finally figured it out now, because the forecast stayed the same for the last 12 hours or so. And unfortunately every other forecast service practically forecasts something similar:

I guess it’s going to be typical (=rainy) London experience.

Friday: light showers
Saturday: thundery showers
Sunday: sunny (Yay!)
Monday: heavy showers

Every day around 25 °C, which means there is no way I’m taking my weatherproof Jack Wolfskin jacket, It’s a great jacket for rain and wind and everything, but not when it’s around 25 °C. An umbrella has to do the trick or I’ll just have to hop from sightseeing site to café to next site to Virgin Mega Store to another site… with help of the tube and just don’t to much walking and strolling around.

Or maybe the forecast might change again within the next 12 hours :-) At least I won’t be missing perfect summer days in Germany as it’s going to be a lot like the weather in London I guess.

So, this is me offically checking out till Monday Nigh…

Edit at 11.15 PM: BBC now forecasts light showers on Friday and Saturday, heavy showers on Sunday and Monday. WTF ?!?!? I  can only hope that this forecast will change again tomorrow, just like every one did during this week. Or even more hope that the weather just won’t act like the BBC told it to do :-)

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  1. strandkiesel says:

    Ich wünsch’ Dir einfach mal viel Spaß und dass sich das Wetter als möglichst wenig regnerisch entpuppt!

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